Harry Hook is the secondary antagonist of the Disney Channel original movie, Descendants 2. He is the son of Captain Hook. Harry is portrayed by Thomas Doherty.


Harry is sly, menacing and always ready to hook someone. He is Uma's first mate and right-hand man. Harry's only dissapointment is not having a real hook on his hand like his dad.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Harry is a light-skinned muscular boy with light blue eyes and dark brown hair.


  • Harry is the middle child of his family, his older sister is Harriet Hook and his younger sister is C.J. Hook.
    • But, it's unknown if they share the same mom.
  • Harry was the first one to join Uma's pirate crew.
  • Harry was Mal's first love.
  • Harry possess a pocket watch, maybe a refernce to the crocodile Tick-Tock.
    • Once, Harry tried to make Tick-Tock bite his hand to wear a real hook like his dad, but he just opened one eye and went back to sleep.
  • Harry kisses Gil in Descendants 2.